Our Mission Statement to YOU:

My mission is to inspire, educate, and to break the norm. I want to build a healthy and progressive environment. I want to create an atmosphere that is a domino effect of growth and support. We all struggle together. We all Transcend together.

My mission is to put an end to the pseudo science and misinformation that is widely preached in the fitness industry. I want to put an end to the recycled "meal plans" that people are fooled to believe were created "just for them." I believe in breaking things down scientifically. I believe in custom tailored nutrition plans geared towards each individual's goal.

My mission is to end the monotonous one-dimensional workouts. I want to show people that the body requires more. I want to show people that mobility, stretching, and functional movements are the foundation to healthy body mechanics. I want to show that many different forms of fitness can coexist to create a hybrid that benefits the body in more than just a cosmetic way.

My mission is to emphasize the power of the mind. I want to build people up mentally as well as physically. I want to show people that the mind quits before the body does. I believe that a team effort coupled with encouragement is the recipe to success. This is what encompasses my utopia. This is what I will build.

I would like to thank you for supporting my dreams, your motivation and faith in me drives me to want this even more than ever!

Kamran Khattak, ISSA CPT

Leah Imanil, NASM CPT