Here's what our members are saying about us:

Thanks to Transcend Fitness, in 5 weeks I have lost 8.5 inches with 3.2 of those inches dropping from my waist. My chest grew 1.3 inches! I lost 2% body fat and 10 lbs. I had been struggling to get back in the gym. It’s easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle when you’re busy with kids and work. I appreciate what Kamram does, he’s a great trainer and has sparked the interest and passion I once had for working out. Transcend is a great place and atmosphere to kill your workout. There are a lot of people that show up every day and give it their all. I’m proud to be a part of the Transcend family. If you’re in the Modesto area I recommend you give it a shot. Kamran has the unique ability to cater to each and every client to help them achieve their own personal best. Transcend Fitness, keep doing what you’re doing, you have a great program!
— Mike Lynch
I’ve ALWAYS had high blood pressure and that was normal for me. After working out at Transcend Fitness for 2 months, I donated blood and my blood pressure was down to 118/80. A few days ago I visited my doctor and it dropped down to 108/80. The nurse said that was perfect. Apparently, this is my new normal. Love it! Thanks Transcend Fitness!
— Starlyn Pitts
I’ve been on a long journey to find a place I felt comfortable with to not only work out but to keep going with it. Whether it be countless gym memberships, kickboxing, home routines, running etc. I start and I quit after a short period. Well, the search is finally over! Transcend Fitness, I’m here to stay! I feel so encouraged and motivated! If I struggle Kamran is always there to say, ‘keep going you can do it!’ He always lets us know what we’ll be focusing on in our class and incorporates whole body workouts each time. He’s able to answer all those questions I have with ease. In 5 weeks I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve lost inches, I’ve gained muscle and I’ve shed fat. I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be but I’m finally on the right path! With good eating, good workout sessions and an amazing trainer, I know I’ll succeed! :) Thank you Transcend for helping me live a healthy, happy lifestyle ! ♡
— A. Cleveland
Transcend fitness offers everything one would want their workout experience to be. It’s challenging, you see immediate results and you will always have a great time. Kamran is a great trainer and makes everyone feel comfortable while still challenging us. He truly cares for every individual that steps into Transcend Fitness. No one feels uncomfortable regardless of their fitness level. I have never felt better. The workouts are amazing! I always look forward to the next workout and would highly recommend Transcend Fitness.
— Miriam Talamantes
I started my fitness journey a couple of years ago. Kamran Khattak and Leah Imanil were part of the team that whipped me back into shape. As my fitness goals have changed slightly so has my desire for different and challenging workouts. Transcend Fitness has proven to be exactly what I needed. In just 5 short weeks my body fat has dropped 1.5% and I am starting to show positive muscle gains as my chest grew almost an inch. I am also lifting heavier weights than any time in my entire life. All of my personal lifting records have increased more than 10lbs including an increase of 80lbs on my deadlift. I couldn’t be happier to have followed Kamran and Leah to Transcend and I thank them for the positive way he has treated and influenced not only me but my whole family. I look forward to the challenging year ahead.
— Josh Stanford
During my 2 1/2 year fitness journey, I have had ups, downs and plateaus. At the previous bootcamp I was at, I was struggling mentally. Kamran’s training style always had a positive impact on me, so when he decided to open Transcend Fitness, I immediately signed on. During the 5 week special, I lost 4 pounds and 6.8 inches. Kamran is never short on ideas on how to modify or change workouts to work around injuries or goals. The workouts are always challenging, fun and include exercises that I’ve never done before. I always enjoy walking in and seeing Kamran and Leah’s smiling faces. I truly can’t get enough of the positive energy and I show up to as many sessions as Kamran will allow “Grandma Jen” to attend! I look forward to the positive changes over the next year, for both myself and my family!
— Jennifer Stanford
I have been really successful in my transformation journey over the last 3 years. After having my son I found myself back where I started...overweight and weak. I struggled with finding a gym that felt like home where I could be encouraged and successful daily. The day I walked into Transcend Fitness I knew this was the place I needed to be. Kamran pushes me to my limits and educates me along the way. If I get lost he helps me get my head straight. I set my goals (Kamran keeps a mental note of them) and I have started marking them off my list. Thank you Kamran and Leah for Transcend Fitness...my new journey and my forever home!
— Delanie Fainter-Bellington
When I used to think about working out and joining a gym, I always backed out due to the lack of confidence and belief in myself. The thought of working out in front of people made me cringe! So I would work out at home alone with a TV exercise program. After a push from my daughter to come to Transcend Fitness, the thought of working out at home alone bores and saddens me...at Transcend Fitness the support, the motivation, the teamwork, the acknowledgment of a job well done is all more than encouraging to me it is what drives me to want to be healthier and in shape because I realize now at 55..it is no longer just about me.
— Sue Coelho
When you have a gym membership you have a little card on your keychain and a building full of people that come and go without much accountability or interaction. When you have a Transcend Fitness membership you have fun, make new friends and see your hard work pay off as you lose inches, body fat and weight. There’s a sense of camaraderie and encouragement here that’s absent in every gym I’ve ever belonged to, corporate or otherwise. If you want to be seen and pushed toward your fitness goals, try Transcend Fitness. My keys are lighter and so am I.
— Amber Edwards
Being a working mom with a busy schedule, I had made the mistake of not putting aside time for myself. Hitting the gym and leaving after an hour and a half but not feeling like I was maximizing my time and seeing results, I’d get discouraged and quit. Transcend is the answer to my prayers. I get a complete body workout in less than an hour and am pushed to be the best I can be. Kamran and Leah address not only your fitness goals but give you nutritional guidance as well. They treat your overall health and are there to answer questions, help you stay on track and keep you motivated. The people are welcoming and the atmosphere is charged with positive energy. It’s a place where people from all fitness levels can come to reach and exceed their goals. I’m so grateful to have found Transcend.
— Cindy Wyman-Boyatt
I’ve been to A LOT of different types of gyms. Standard gyms, other bootcamp style gyms, Cross Fit and kickboxing and I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do here at Transcend Fitness. As a big gal, it’s hard to walk into any type of fitness establishment and feel comfortable...it’s darn near impossible. Walking into Transcend that first time, not only did I feel comfortable, I felt like part of a family. And that is how it feels every session. Kamran and Leah have created something special and I’m lucky to have them to guide me through my ups and downs of taking responsibility for my health.
— Tracy Ladd
As a busy mom of four finding the time to work out was difficult. I had carried some extra pounds around for years and found it difficult to get/stay motivated. Kamran and Leah have created an amazing family-friendly environment. We all have different goals and fitness levels represented, but Transcend has done an amazing job of bringing us all together to not only encourage one another, but to feel we all matter. The amount of strength and energy I have obtained is unreal. The greatest benefit I have experienced is the satisfaction my children get from seeing mom stronger, leaner, and empowered. My boys love to watch mom workout. Kamran and Leah have given me the tools, training, and support to live a healthy lifestyle and in turn give my children a healthy example for life!
— Jaci Lester
I was approaching the end of my contract at a different bootcamp when I heard that Transcend Fitness was opening up so I too purchased their 5 week special. I knew after the first week that I was staying. I needed a change and I needed to be challenged. In 6 weeks, I’ve lost some weight, inches and body fat but gained a lot of confidence. I truly feel Kamran treats everyone equally although we are all at different levels in our fitness journey. Although Kamran is just a kid, I believe 100% in his ability as a trainer and nutritional coach that I’ve signed a year contract with him!
— Carrie Lubcke
When I came to Transcend Fitness I was really nervous. I purchased the 5 week trial and was measured and was told what macros I would be following. Everything was easy to understand and if I had questions they were always answered. Encouragement and friends are all around. I was at 217 when I began and am now down to 203. I definitely lost inches and a whole lot of sweat!! Come join and you will not regret your decision. Music and all the tools are supplied. When you work 10+ hours a day and you still want to go work out it proves that it’s great! Overall excellent place to change your life!!
— Regina Bautista