What to expect from a typical Transcend session

At Transcend We offer a multitude of training styles, techniques & approaches. All to which cater to many types of fitness levels. We strive to challenge you to become stronger than the day before with proper coaching, cues and training you will be taught the correct way to execute specific lifts and to train safely and efficiently; individually or in a group setting.

We offer a wide range of session times beginning as early as 5am and ending as late at 8pm. Our sessions are 45mins in duration held in a group setting and each day & week is a different workout lineup. Our sessions range from  6 clients to as many as 25. Our maximum capacity is 30 clients. To safely and effectively monitor our sessions we never allow the compound to become overcrowded. Given the gym itself is 5000sq ft and our floor plan is set to accommodate up to 35 clients. We prefer to keep the client sessions below 30.

At Transcend Fitness we practice a hybrid of various training styles. Functional body building and functional training, Olympic lifting, Interval training and power lifting. To create longevity we must maintain muscle growth and flexibility. At Transcend weight lifting safely is very important, as we grow older muscles deteriote and the goal is to try and maintain what we have all while creating muscle growth and overall functional strength. Cardio is equally as important, while building muscle around those joints will allow you to have a safe approach to your cardio training with plyometric movements and athletic drills. Strength & Cardiovascular training go hand in hand, one is not superior than the other.

Each client is different and we modify to each individual on a personal training basis in a group setting where no one will ever feel left out or a burden for needing any modification. We ensure a safe and positive training environment in a welcoming atmosphere as we are all here for the same reason: to create longevity. 

When attending a session at Transcend you will be shown each workout at each station by your trainer, you will never feel lost, rushed or pressured to step outside of your comfort zone if you are not ready. We are here to make sure you have a positive and safe experience with weight lifting and circuit training.